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La marche de la reine


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Arnaud NANO Méthivier



Experimental artist - Artistic imaginer - Adventurer

La marche de la Reine radio editNANO
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Experimental artist - Artistic imaginer - Adventurer

*** Important mention:


The artistic creator manifests every day.
He questions the world constantly.
He is never on strike. He doesn't know what "holidays" are.
He lives and then he dies.
His time is not measured.
He adapts himself to exist.


Artist in the 21st century. (by Arnaud NANO Methivier):
Written definition for Clermont Ferrand School of Architecture (excerpt):

"I prefer" Creator "to" Artist ", but if I have to define the artist:
The artist is for me, the one who questions the world around him, in a burst of desire for life.

In my opinion, there are no bad artists.
There is "artist" and "something else".
An artist is someone who dies if he does not create. His creative action for himself or to exist in the midst of society is vital.
He can not be bad, since he is sincere with himself. Creation is the meaning of his life.
An artist, breathe his art, know his art, shit his art, bother others with his art, ...
He is neither good nor bad: he is.

On the other hand, other people are assimilated to artists thanks to a status. (Financial income, administrative or social recognition, media exposure ...)
That does not make them artists. That makes them people who work in the arts.
Their motivation is anything but vital: it can be financial, correspond to the fight against boredom, the search for recognition, but in any case nothing vital.


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